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Hello to all my friends!


Today I want to talk about a movie that I just finished watching. And because it is old dell last year, but really very cute and funny! The ending left me a bit speechless, because it looks like a final and very obvious, almost like a "kiss yet". It a film that leaves them breathless, it is hopeless... Funny but I was blows a lot! We say that the result was a little disapponting. The characters were played well, but I honestly did not know yhey knew recite hit  that much! I looked at it, because it seemed that the plot took, however, not so much!



George is a professional football player who was unable to combine the successes of his career with the responsibilities to which he nailed family life, ending with the divorce from his wife Stacie and be removed from the child. Realizing how much feel the absense of the child and how strong the risk of losing him forever because of Stacie`s new boyfriend, George decides to...

If you want a moment of pause, or play, this film is for you!

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