What if Jesus was a Ninja Chapter 3

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Guards storm out of the feudal lord's palace with orders from their king they searched every single newborn whether it be cities nor towns no newborn child was safe as they were mercilessly slaughtered by the palace guards. We go back to where Mary and Joseph are as Mary has safely delivered her child. The child born a male was named Jesus and was safely placed in the grooved stalagmite which served as his manger. Joseph was proud that he has become a father and decided that maybe he should gather some firewood and some food for Mary was weakened due to giving birth, and so he searched when he saw faint lights over the distance. Those faint lights were the guards which arrived near their forest home, fearing his wife and child were in danger Joseph went back to where his wife and child are, neither did he know that the guards were on his tail. Joseph arrived in time just to give Mary time to hide with their child. The guards arrived near the cave seeing Joseph who was feigning as just gathering food and wood, one of the guards asked Joseph if anyone other than him was living here to which he replied, "there is no one here but me" said Joseph. The guards were almost easy to fool when one of them saw the traces of blood near the cave, Joseph then blocked the entrance saying, "there is nothing there except for the meat I store ,please you must leave" said Joseph but the guard took him no mind for he was only following what his master as ordered. Joseph thought to himself that if his wife and child was in danger he has no choice but to fight, he pulled one of the guards by the collar took the guard's spear and stabbed him like skewered meat. the other guards reacted to this as a sign of resistance which prompted them to fight Joseph. Outnumbered and outflanked Joseph fought tirelessly even killing 3 or more guards in his fury yet sadly he was not strong enough 2 guards held him by the arms and one guard stabbed him with a sword through the heart. Lying in his own pool of blood Joseph muttered to himself,  "Did I manage to buy some time?" he said to himself  with his last breath. Meanwhile above the entrance 3 shadows watched from the trees.............................................................................................................END of Chapter 3

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