What is a Cloud-to-Ground Type of Lightning

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The cloud-to-ground type of lightning is the most commonly observed type of lightning during a bad thunderstorm. It starts from the cloud extending its arms down onto the surface of the Earth. At some point, the lightning seem to enjoy striking down the tip of tall structures or objects.

A photo of a lightning that struck the tip of the tallest structure. 

To tell you, the cloud-to-ground type of lightning is actually the most dangerous type of lightning that had already killed countless number of individuals around the world.

How do cloud-to-ground lightning occur?

The best way to explain a cloud-to-ground type of lightning is in terms of their positive and negative charges. Let's say that there is one huge cloud floating above. This cloud contains both positive and negative charges. When the storm begins, the charges are separated according to their type of charges. The positive charges goes to the top portion of the cloud while the negative charges goes to the bottom.


On the ground are also positive charges.

As the cloud travels, it searches for a strong positively charged object below. Assuming that a tall tree is positively charged, this will attract the negative charges of the cloud from above.

Once the tree and the cloud do have enough charges to make contact, a lightning bolt will be ignited.

Here are some interesting videos of a cloud-to-ground type of lightnings:

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How about the thunder generated by a cloud-to-ground type of lightning?

Cloud-to-ground type of lightning do generate a strong shock wave then turns into a slow rolling sound of thunder in which you do often hear. The stronger the sound of thunder means that you are close from the distance of the lightning strike.

Moreover, I am pretty sure that you have already seen cloud-to-ground type of lightning unless your place does not experience any thunderstorm

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