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An excellent way of expressing what one feels about a movie is to write a review ob it which is popularly known as a movie review. Most of the times, the objective behind writing a movie review is to assist the readers in making up their mind on whether they should watch that particular movie or not. A good movie review is one which is detailed, covers minute details about that movie so that the reader makes up his mind on whether to view it or not but at the same should not disclose the main plot of the movie as that might give away the story line and dampen the readers interest to view the movie.

Writing a movie review


Writing a movie review is not a cake walk. The reviewer has to watch the movie first in a relaxed and familiar environment so that he is not facing any distraction while watching the movie. Usually a reviewer makes notes while watching the movie itself to pen down his thoughts. After watching the entire movie, the reviewer should should record his views on the movie in an impartial and unbiased manner. While explaining his reasons he should not forget to give adequate reasons to his intended readers on why he has formed such an opinion.

Content of the review

 While writing a movie reviewer, the reviewer should remember who his target readers would be, the story line, plot, the appropriateness of the star cast, cinematography, music, choreography, lighting and performance of the actors. In other words a good movie review should focus on the different aspects of the movie so that the movie review is an all round reference for the target readers to form an opinion on the movie and decide whether to watch it or not. Last but not the least the movie reviewer should read his movie review again and again before submission so that nothing is amiss in the review.

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