What is a Shaytonian?

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Shaytonians are a race of escaped genetic slaves. Their world was forced into the darkness between dimensions, and from there, they live, hunt, and play throughout the worlds. They keep their world and their existence a secret now that those they prey upon are technologically advanced enough to find their way back through the Gates to Shayton. Still, the distant past has filled many worlds with legends of werewolves, merfolk and bat-winged others. And they have Enemies, those that have killed so many over the eons.


Now they have a weapon, a saviour to help defend them. Pity it isn't who they thought it would be. Ruled by women since the males were stripped of their abilities by the Enemy, they carefully crafted the godChild, the young girl who would grow to save them. A young boy, a bastard son, he was no one. The Fates had other plans.

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