What is BitLanders and How it Works .............Part 1

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Hey Guys !!! Hope you all are fine and now enjoying more on BitLanders with their new features and rules , in my next blog i will tell you about new rules but today i describe you "What is BitLanders and how it works" . Many new users wants to know about what is this site about and how we earn here so i hope this blog helps you to find more about BitLanders purpose of Creation and How its Works with Social Media and get Rewarded to the Users.

let's start with the topic of What is BitLanders ?


                                                                                      { Image Source: Bitlanders.com ; Edited by Wayeez }


What is BitLanders ?

Bitlanders is a social platform where users get rewarded by their own stuff like pictures, videos , thoughts/opinion and blogs , the rewards connected with bit-Miles Loyalty points and users get rewarded by leadership .It is a digital platform as well.Users also donate money to the Charities or make some shopping from Shop as well.Only this social platform gives the opportunity to its users to share their own content with the World and get rewarded.


                                                                                           { Image Source: Bitlanders.com ; Edited by Wayeez }

I personally really enjoyed here as other platform like Twitter, Facebook , Whatsapp etc not giving any reward on just sharing your own content , so this is the platform on which you never wasted your time any more.


Interview with the CEO of Bitlanders:  Francesco Rulli 

As in below video you easily know about the background of this site as well as the owner profile as well , which is really helps us to know about this site.


                                                                        { Video Source : Youtube.com }


Really a informative and Impressive Person , the best part of the video is that he comes with the new idea to reform the people's thinking in to money and give back to them in the shape of Reward.


BitLanders Platform

Through this platform daily people share their videos, blogs and pictures 

  • On this site people daily shared their 5000+ micro blogs , 500 plus videos , 850 plus blogs .
  • Users connect with World Wide 360 Millions Connections.
  • Users communicate with the people through daily 11000 plus comments , 5000 plus emoticons and stickers.
  • Users daily play games on it and fulfill their Quests

This would be the whole package that ever a site is giving to its users . Even the Daily Survey Chat with the three admin staff makes this site more interesting for users.


                                                                                { Image Source: Bitlanders.com ; Edited by Wayeez }


What is Bit-Miles and How it Works ?

bitMiles is a technology that maximizes the Brand’s
Return on Investment by directly rewarding the cause,
and increasing interest in the campaign

its helps more to the brands to made investment with the site and grow their business through internet and make its users interest to use the site and get rewarded. So this is the best way to made developments to the people's career and make users more strong to earn on this site.


                                                                                 { Image Source: Bitlanders.com ; Edited by Wayeez }


How BitLanders Engage its Users to the Brand ?

 Here are some points that how Bitlanders engage its users to the Brand :-


  • bitlanders makes a very digital and identified presence to the users to make a connection to check the brand.
  • Make the brand more informative and vision-able with User's need.
  • Connect the brand with the users through easy tasks or quests so the users use the brand or engage with the Company's brand.
  • Makes Brand Customer Support more easy for the user by asking simply questions or through customized tasks.
  • This site made with full of informative and qualitative research that make interest to the users to use the site.



                                                                                             { Image Source: Google.com }


What is Buzz Score ?

The revenues on this site based on Buzz scoring system that's called Buzz Score on this site buzz score contains the quality of your content , your sharing on the site and influence as well.Its also defines your social and gaming skills.


                                                                        { Image Source: Bitlanders.com ; Edited by Wayeez }

Your Buzz Score contains some components like :-


  • The quality of your shared blogs or videos like how much informative and user friendly .
  • How much you shared your content to the other social platforms through this site.
  • How much your shared content is shared by other users on different social platforms.
  • Having Higher Buzz Score Users also make your buzz score increase.


This video helps you more about to know what is Buzz Score and How it works:


                                                                  { Video Source : Youtube.com }


BitLander's Team

Here is the team with the ideas and technology who makes this site more value-able and users friendly 

New York Office

Francesco Rulli : Founder and CEO of bitLanders and bitCharities

Jennifer : She is the Head of Digital Media and Content for bitLanders

Tommy : bitLanders and Bitcoin expert

Elaha: The communication Manager for bitCharities

Italy Office

Lorenzo : Expert in Programmer Developer and Game Master for bitLanders and bitCharities

Francesco : He is the Programmer and Game Master for bitLanders and bitCharities

Taiwan Office

Maurizio : Programmer Developer and Game Master for bitLanders and bitCharities

Ellyn : She is the Senior Editor for bitLanders


                                                                           { Image Source: Bitlanders.com ; Edited by Wayeez }

The team with full of new ideas and visions for the Worldwide Users to post their own stuff and get reward on it , the day by day new improvements and features from these guys made this site more worthy and value-able for all of us 

I am personally enjoying now on the site much better than before and hope you guys too .


Follow the BitLanders

You can also follow the bitLanders on different platform as well like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ as well and check their new update about the site , see comments on new posts , surveys , images and check what is new with bitLanders


                                                                         { Image Source: Bitlanders.com ; Edited by Wayeez }

Thanks Guys for reading my new blog , hope you guys enjoy this too , this is the first part of " What is bitLanders and How it works ? " in next part we will see more about how its works and how we use this site in easy way. This Blog really helps the new member of this site to know where they are connected now and What is this site about.Take care 



                                                                               { Image Source: Bitlanders.com ; Edited by Wayeez }





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