WHat Is Bonus?? And How To Get?.

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Have you wondered what is the + next to your Avatar and Buzz Score? It is "Buzz Bonus"!

What are the "base Buzz Score" and "Buzz Bonus"?

The Buzz Score contains 2 parts: the base Buzz Score and the Buzz Bonus

You can increase your "base Buzz Score" by posting blogs, microblogs, uploading videos, photos, buzz content etc, and "Buzz Bonus" is a temporary, additional bonus which adds to your base Buzz Score and it usually lasts for 1 day. (You can find  related information in the bitLanders FAQ page.)


Here are the current bitLanders Buzz Bonuses:

(1) Subscribers Bonus

If your friend or someone subscribed to you, you will receive +1 Buzz Bonus for 1 day! You can see the related messages in your Notification on the top of the page.(up to +10 per day)


(2) Shop Purchase Bonus

Purchase any product on bitLanders Online Store, instaPayment Paypal/Bitcoin, Gift cards or mobile credits... for every 0.02 Bitcoin spent  you will receive +1 Buzz Bonus for 5 days!


(3) Friend Invitation Bonus

Go to bitLanders homepage and send invitations to your Facebook friends. For each invitation sent, you will receive +1 Buzz Bonus for 1 day. After your friend successfully joined bitLanders through your invitation, you will receive +10 Buzz Bonus for 4 days! This is a big bonus :D

(4) Daily Login Bonus

Log in on bitLanders you will receive +1 Buzz Bonus everyday ! If you are a regular bitLanders user and log-in every day then you will always have +7 Buzz Bonus per day!

(5) Content Treasure Bonus

Sometimes I discover a Buzz treasure by reading, watching and buzzing quality content and it gives me +1 Buzz Bonus for 1 day!  Maybe it is hidden somewhere? 



What is your total Buzz Score and where do you see your "Buzz Bonus" and "base Buzz Score"?

Go to your personal page on bitLanders and click on "STATS", check out "Buzz Score Trend" graph: 

Blue color is your "base Buzz Score"; Orange color is your "Buzz Bonus"

So Blue + Orange = your total Buzz Score!

 Thank You For Using Bitlanders :P Happy Earning.