What Is Computer

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Today Science is very fast and it is century of machines. All machines have important part of human life.  In these machines, one of best machine is computer.  Computer is electronic machines which takes input and process it and gives us output. We gives input through Key Board and Mouse to Computer and Computer process it and give us out put on Monitor. Monitor is output device in computer which displays output.

There are three parts of computer:

Input Devices (Key Board, Mouse)

Output Devices (Monitor, Speakers, Scanners)

CPU (Control processing unit)

There are two parts in CPU

  1. Control Unit
  2.   Arithmetic logic unit.

Control unit carries information from one place to another place in computer

While Arithmetic logic unit solves mathematics problem in computer.

Today generation is very fast so electronic machines are also promoting in every day. Modern computers are used in offices and home. Modern Computers can solve complex calculations in very short time. Most people use personal computer in their homes.

A person who is user, he gives instructions to computer and computer saves these instructions in its own memory and then process these instructions and shows results on monitor. We can save information’s in the memory of computer and computer shows this information’s when we required.

Computers also used for programmings and a user gives instructions to computer and computer uses machine language for the programming. Machine Language is difficult codes for human.

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