What is Fish?

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Fish square measure animals that sleep in water. they're vertebrates, animals with backbones, and are available all told forms of shapes, sizes and colours. Fish initial appeared within the oceans of the planet concerning five hundred million years agone, long before dinosaurs roamed our planet. these days there square measure tens of thousands of various forms of fish and new species square measure discovered once a year. Over innumerable years fish have modified their options and custom-made to their surroundings so as to survive.
The shark is that the largest fish on Earth. It will grow old to twelve meters long and may weigh up to fifteen tons. In distinction little gobies square measure usually solely a couple of millimeter long.
Fish square measure vital to individuals. They were among the primary animals afraid by primitive men. innumerable individuals everywhere the globe depend upon fish as a main type of nutrition. In several coastal countries, as an example Japan or Kingdom of Norway, individuals depend upon fishing to create a living.
Fish square measure a section of the organic phenomenon. They eat animals and square measure consumed by alternative ocean creatures, so maintaining the balance of nature.

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