What is generator? How it is operate and produce electricity

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Today I have a new topic but it’s related about electrical. In our daily life it is common thing that we used generator at homes and industries also. But how it produced electricity and what rule is used in generator and how many types.

First of all what is generator? The answer is that generator is a mechanical machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It’s a definition of every generator. Generator has several types but they have two types main.

  1. Ac Generator
  2. Dc Generator

I have chosen second type to describe. Dc generator operate the dynamical induces emf. Its mean that when a conductor cuts the electrical filed of lines. Then they produced an electrical current.

Some components used in this generator that are rotor. Rotor is rotating part and second one is stator and stator is stationery part of dc generator because they cannot move and coils, commutator and brushes used also. When electricity I mean current produced. Then we get it in carbon brushes of generator and run any load. But one thing is so important that every generator produced ac current not dc. After producing we will be change ac into dc with the help of commutator.

It’s a overview of a dc generator and its operation.


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