What is important?? Beauty or Brain ??

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What is important?? Beauty or Brain ??

It is widely discussed gossip that whether beauty is important or brain. By beauty we here mean the physical beauty of a person. His/ her appearance, looks, figure and styles etc. Where as by brain we take the intellect and extra ordinary talents.

Some people say that these two cannot co-exist while some are of the view that both of them can exist quite comfortably. There is a general perception that beautiful people don’t need to have intellect inorder to survive their appearance makes them more acceptable in society. Specially in case of women this concept is widely applied. In my view it a quite wrong perception revealing the biased thoughts of our society and the gender descriminations.

However in my view beauty comes with brain. There is no value of beauty without brain. A sound and responsible brain bearing person automatically looks beautiful and is acceptable to everyone despite of his or her appearance. A person having intellect does not need to have beauty because he carries himself in a manner that is graceful. Moreove that person’s social status makes him an important and unignorable figure.

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