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What is life??? Everyone wants to know the answer of this question. If you think about life, then we will admire that life is the greatest blessing in the world. Life is every man's own thinking.  Which shape it will adopt it depends on the understanding and practice of man. Human life is like a sea but the problem is that man starts living on an island of the sea and seems to understand the life as island instead of ocean; even this “island” becomes the context of his life.

There are many concepts about the meaning of life. Some call it journey, some call it action and some with other different names. Many people think that life is just to spend lavishly. .Some believes that it is the name of helping others. Everyone has their own idea what it is? Sometimes for human, life becomes so hard that it seems horrible to think about life. But there also some people for whom life is bed of roses full of peace and comforts.

Human life begins when his in the form of sperms in his mother’s womb, then he becomes a clot of flesh from sperm. Then the soul is put in this clot of flesh. He is completed after few months of making bones. By opening his eyes in the world his hardships and sufferings start and he has to combat. In childhood he has nothing but at least he is king of time and he spends his time to laugh, cry, and play. But when he enters in youth his work and activities increases now. These activities are limited from education to friends only. But in our society, education is accessible to everyone. Then he stood on this stage of life that he does not know about Volatility of life. When he leaves teen age then he begins to understand about life and at its heart desires arise. He gets busy in his life to find opportunities to move forward.

Human life is very short glimpse is not so easy to describe in a few words but it is closer to reality. There are ups and downs in life at every turn, and in fact these ups and downs are another name of life. If all the time we get happiness then we can never know the true meaning of joy and happiness until we do not meet any pain or discomfort. Sometimes these problems come to tell us the purpose of life. Life is very difficult to live in this world. One has to sacrifice, suffer and Steadfast. 

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 

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