What is Love? :D

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What is Love and its corresponding effects on sharing relationship is a matter of concise and he or she who understands its deepness would think much deeper. The husband or wife may be in real love from the core of their hearts but that does not mean that their biological thirst is met. How many married couples are there who have adopted the child in case no issue of child is to them. Leave aside, child issue, take the zest for sex appetite. Where has this been banned? In our early primitive life, the women used to be common for male members and heads of primitive society had no binding. Since our inception and thinking has changed with passage of the time and we have started talking much about genuine relationship. But still the essence of Love in reality has nothing to do with bodily requirements. Many may agree and talk about rituals bindings. Try to understand the matter from broader spectrum and think for Humanity and Way of Living with full bloom and joy, then only one can realize the real meaning of relationship.

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