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You can’t give, I am sure ,

An answer apt to the question.

Definitions or quotations may be,

But mind, would it be enough ?

My love, your love, their love

All the same ? then what’s love ?

I say, you say ” I love you so much ”

Think, is it permanent, then what’s love ?

For the rich, to purchase is impossible

No ‘sale board’ in the shopping place.

Is love inborn or earned?

Or can you instill or teach it ?

I’m your friend, some times today

You are my enemy on tomorrow.

Your wife, your husband may be this year

A divorcee next year, then what’s love ?

Can you say love is physical or mental ?

Or abstract or concrete ?

Will you love without expression ?

Or express without love ? then what’s love ?

Love is real, you say

It’s imagination, they believe !

Chase the new, those married couples !

Then what’s love ?

A single mother kept on four or five

Plenty of time for their growth

But all the four, due to the ‘lack of time’

In “old age home” locked her,

Then where is love ?


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