What Is Marketing, In A Glance?

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Should one expect to find much success trying to sell cat food to people who do not own any cats? Would one's efforts possibly go in vain if they were persistent on selling a particular type of music to persons uninterested in that genre? Understanding who possibly fits in a certain market is very important to creating consistent sales, and not wasting resources. Marketing is a very important tool to understand. This article will discuss the basics of marketing in a glance.

Marketing is defined as but not limited to the total of activities necessary for the transfer of goods from producer (or person selling) to the Consumer (or person buying). These activities would include advertising, shipping, storing, and selling. Ultimately marketing is "action based", and is the act of buying or selling in a market. To further support the understanding of marketing I find it beneficial to know what a "Market" is as well. A market can be defined as an open place where buyers and sellers gather for the sale of goods; thus creating a marketplace. Marketplaces provide a great place for trade and traffic. Marketing is all about being able to communicate the value of a product, service, or brand for the purpose of promotion. Now that we are a little more familiarized with marketing allow me to briefly discuss a few commonly used methods of marketing.

One of the most original ways to market anything whether it's positive or negative is by word of mouth. Word of mouth marketing is incredible simply because it's a technique that requires very little effort to do naturally. Through simple day-to-day conversations, one can convey their experiences with a product, service, or brand. Another form of marketing is broadcasting. In a traditional setting this method is done through the distribution of an audio or visual message that is presented to an audience via any electronic mass communication medium. This is a useful marketing form because much like in the past, many Americans still listen to the radio and watch visual messages through a variety of sources available everyday. This takes advantage of a daily pastime, and makes direct connections with many listeners or viewers alike. Lastly printing and publication are two other powerful forms of marketing. Simply put printing is the process of duplicating text and images by using a master template. The origins of printing go back many years, so it is safe to say that printing is a strong way to present a message quickly and to targeted persons. Printing goes hand-in-hand with publication because it makes content available to the general public.

In summary expertise in marketing is very powerful. Those who understand the "value" are in control of producing what connects interest. Most people only see the interest not the value. Marketing is psychology between Producer and consumers; this science plays an important role in the world of business.

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