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Sentence Pattern


Were back again to refresh our basic English Communication Arts. Let's throw back ourselves and stud sentence pattern. Hopefully, we can recollect the basic knowledge in English that we have learned from school and apply in our everyday's usual communication.

Mastery of the basic sentence is essential if you are to be a successful in speaking and writing the English language. You cannot learn a language instantly without practice, guided repetition, correction and drill.

You need to know the pattern of statements, questions, requests and commands until production becomes automatic before you go into a study of the component parts of a sentence, words, phrases and clauses.

Let us familiarize ourselves with the basic statements that all speakers and writers of English recognize. The bulk of our language is in the form of statements which have many possibilities of expansion and variation.

Sentence Pattern1 (Noun-Verb)
Example: Teachers explain.

a) You can have modification of the noun or subject.
Example: Teachers in various subjects explain.
b) You can also do modification in the verb.
Example: Teachers should explain clearly abs effectively.

Sentence Pattern 2 (Subject-Verb-Adjective)
Example: Teachers are dedicated.

Sentence Pattern 3(Subject-Verb-Adjective)
Example: Teachers become leaders.
Or, it can be further be expanded to:
Some teachers will become leaders of our country tomorrow.

Sentence Pattern 4 (Subject-Verb-Direct Object)
Example: Teachers give lectures.
Or, you can further expand to this statement.
Most college teachers give lectures frequently.

Sentence Pattern 5 (Subject-Verb-Indirect Object-Direct Object)
Example: The students presented to their adviser a project.
Or, you can do further expansion of the statement.
The students presented to their adviser a research project in Science.

Sentence Pattern 6 (Subject-Verb-Objective Complement)
Example: The delegates elected Doods president.
Or, you can make the sentence further expansion.
The arts delegates elected Doods president of Bitlanders council.

Happy making your own composition! ^_^


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