What is SEO and Its Importance?

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SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing websites to search engine standards in order to get the site or its pages indexed in google is termed as Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization involves offsite and onsite optimization. Onsite optimization involves editing meta tags, updation of image alt attribute, h1, h2, title, desc and other important attributes.

Offsite optimization involves building links which are either dofollow or nofollow. These links can be built through blogs, social networks, forums, press release and article sites.

The link building techniques/methods involve employing white hat, grey hat or black hat procedures. Black hat techniques should be avoided in order to get banned by search engines. Grey hat can be implemented depending on site ranking status. White hat method is always considered safe and should be implemented always in order to get the pages indexed and ranking improvement.

From time to time the ranking status of primary and secondary keywords can be checked and maintained in a report to keep track of ranking status week by week or month by month. This helps us to build quality links and maintain site ranking status in search engines. 





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