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Today I am Going To Inform you about SEO.

As i am connected to Computer Science.In my Filed web designing , Development is very Important.Soon I will Upload each topic.I will Try my Best to Gave You Informative knowledge.seo_expert

Now Come To The point.As U seen In Picture Seo Stands For Search Engine Optimization.

Two Types Of SEO

Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

Today we Talk about White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

White Hat Seo have also 2 important Types:

1:On Page SEO

2:Of Page SEO

we will try to discuss today On page Seo :

On page SEO:

On page have some Points which i mention Here and Try You will understand all points.

 Page Title.


Meta Tags.


Page Title 

what is Page title ?

Page Title is very important .when you making a website and you will make 4 to 5 pages.the first page is Home , 2nd is about us and so on.

So if you save the name of page like page1 or page2 its is not good according to seo .so when yo making a website you must save the name of the page as it home.html or etc the page title is must be realted the topic of your page.


what is keywords ?

In easy and Simple wording Keywords are those which are helping people to find your web content easily.

For Example :

A person Searching a recipe of making rice.in your webiste or blog You Write the recipe of Rice.But if you use keywords then person find you easily.your website or blog must be optimze .

Meta Tags :

What is meta tags ?

As u seen in this website also when you write a blog the meta tag option is there .what is meta tag ? why we use meta tags ?

ok now in detail i discuss with you.Meta Tags are sinppets which describe your content .You can not see Meta tags in page or etc but it is in the coding .it help the search Engine to find the content .

For Example

If some one is seraching Free tips and your tag is free tips then you blog or page what ever show to the person.

If you want Earn alot and You want to become famous in the online Industry You should have knowldge about SEo.

Today I can not cover the whole Topic .Soon In my Next Blog i will try to cover my Other part.I hope You Understand it.If you have any query feel free to Contect.if You can not understand any point please comment i will clear you .



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