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It seems that these days, the electricity distributing company responsibles are also helping people to pray and collect good! Every day the electricity power breaks down and comes up again and every time people say compliment about God and the great messenger Mohammad when it comes up again.

I don’t know why the electricity power problems are never solved here with any budget or equipment. In the winter we cold and don’t have electricity to warm our house and spend the nights in dark. In the summer we also don’t have electricity, even in this season also the water stream is cutoff for having more fun!

I think we are the most flexible people who are living in the world. Our fast compatibility to every situation is somehow strange! We adjust to any situation from “War” or “electricity power or water stream cutoff” very fast and behave like this situation should be like this!

I repeat the sentences “Oh, no again the power cutoff” or “Oh, yes again the power comes up” many times in a day. Last night when the power came up and I did my happiness shout “Oh, yes again the power came up” again, my two years old son wonders and asked me: Mom! Where does the electricity power goes and comes everyday?”

I was thinking how to explain it to him and tell him some thing that is understandable for him that suddenly electricity cutoff again!

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I am a computer engineer and have several years experience of working and teaching in this area in Herat-Afghanistan.
I am also interested in social activities and fine art and sometimes work in this fields too.
I published several text and painting books for children of my country.

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