What is Your Favorite Line in Any Movie?

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Do you have a favorite movie? If so, what was your favorite line from that movie?

Ever watched a movie, and felt really inspired after? Reality is that we tend to forget what inspired us in the first place. Now, let's try to recall what inspired us in the first place.

From the movie 'Unconditional' : "I looked down on that man I was about to kill, and in that moment I saw it so clearly : How far my anger, and my pride had taken me. How far I had fallen. I have 40 days, and 40 nights in solitary. I had no one else to talk to, so I talked to God. It was in that darkness in the loneliest place of all, that I felt his Love for the first time in my life." -Joe Bradford

The reason why it struck my so much is because of the fact that we, people, get so hooked up in our pride, our anger, or even the pleasures of this world and forget our true value in Christ. This line just spoke to me and got me having goosebumps.

This movie is a must watch, it's very inspirational. You'll not get bored, I promise.

Here's the scene: 


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