What it takes to be marketable in your chosen profession

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When it comes to selling our services in the form of employment sometimes it helps to think of ourselves as products. Think of yourself as a product on a shelf in the store. Are you a hot item that is consistently out of stock. A product that is considered marketable is one that can be exchanged fairly easily. When people are considered marketable, they can exchange their labor or services for something else of value, such as a satisfying job.

How marketable are you? More important, what can you do to become more marketable? Here are some tips.

*  Know what skills you need to be working on. Do not make assumptions here, define the ideal skill sets desired for your industry.

* Be competitive and involved in continual education. Once you know the skills that will help you to become more marketable, begin to develop or improve on those skills.

*  Be a leader. Having leadership qualities, you stand above the crowd.

*  Promote yourself. Self-promote yourself. Don't expect anybody to promote for you, do it yourself.

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