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ye nahe sikata :aqal kia sekhati ha .....

superiority of human mind glow at best when it produce logic .like scientists, prophets , pure mathematician . it means that in every branch of knowledge there should be rationality . when we talk about physical world we mostly try to produce logic but theology which is widely shared branch of knowledge , we don't bother about facts

ok ,one would be astronomer or physicist but he is unable intellectually to find the ultimate destiny of matter and this is fact that human will not enjoy physical/natural resources forever : it includes giant resources like sun(energy) , our own planet , water ,time etc. it is basic principle of capitalist economy,new version is concept of sustainable economy .
most of us know the modern science facts about expansion of universe with instantaneous increasing speed . when we see this with in relation with physical resource it pretty become sure that this relation is direct. in the journey of expansion many worlds. human observe: being run out of resources .surely,we also will.

but rationality demands that its super dimension: theology, should be observed logically . like quran ,the holy book of muslim , it deals with biology ,physics , mathematics,politics,jurisprudence ,you name any basic knowledge not applied knowledge .

As well as it talk about destiny of matter . human all other ingredients of knowledge prepare ground to think rationally about matter ultimate destiny. why people don't endorse rational exploration of such book ? when we know that it is metaphysics question about destiny of universe , we can't rely only on physical resources to use rather we should armed ourselves with logic of theology to get rational answer.

in conclusion , this subject of theology should be explored rationally . in finite time ,human race should give its reasonable due time equally as he giving other branches of knowledge . our earth bubble will run out of resources like time,energy: modern physics witness it. so, he has to decide as early as possible to know the ultimate destiny .

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