What Pakistanis think about Azhar Ali as their new ODI captain

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Azhar Ali last played an ODI in 2013.—AFP

This letter was written to the PCB Chairman by The Boys in Green, Pakistan's largest online cricket fan group.

Dear Shaharyar Sb,

We hope this letter finds you well.

Firstly we would like to congratulate you on Pakistan's heartwarming performance in the ICC World Cup 2015. Even though the team could not go further than the quarterfinals, we believe that they put in tremendous effort in Australia and made fans believe in them once again. It was a performance to cherish from Misbah, Sarfraz, and all of the fast bowlers.

Before we go on, I would like to briefly introduce Boys in Green ("BiG") and explain the purpose of this letter.

BiG is a Facebook group comprising of Pakistan cricket fans, which was established in 2011. Over the past four years, we have grown significantly and currently have over 10,000 members, all of whom are passionate followers of the Pakistan cricket team. We pride ourselves for being the most popular online Pakistan cricket fan group.

You have just officially announced Azhar Ali as the new captain of ODIs. Along with that, you also announced that Sarfraz Ahmed will be vice captain across all three formats of the game.

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While you were deliberating over choices for the next ODI captain, we conducted a poll on our Facebook page to find out who Pakistan cricket fans thought should be leading the team in ODIs.

If you feel it is worth knowing how Pakistani fans feel about their new captain, read on to find out.


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