What should a subcriber do here in Bitlanders?

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Subscribers as what i believe and in the definition on the dictionary is a person who receives daily or regular publication which had been paid  in advance.You can also subscribed for free  if the publisher  had a free one  then you received a copy of what you subscribed  depending on the frequency.

Here in bitlanders  on the account page there is a word buttton subscribe on the upper right hand corner , if you click on these then you are considered a subscriber but for me it does not  appear to be  the real meaning of "subscribed". So what should a subscriber do here in bitlanders?


If this is really subscription on a co - members page , then what ever works  like blogs, micro- blog and or images he or she post will be transferred or appear with the subscribers page. I have  576 subscribers.  So whenever i  click on the subscribers button of a co member all the works ( blog, micro- blogs and album should appear on my page) , that will be tremendous or tons of information.  So i dont know if that's the right word to use is  "subscribed'  here in bitlander

 For me clicking on the co- members  button subscribe   means  "like" , "follow" but not subscribed. If i   want to subscribed  with the co - members page or works , i have to BUZZ on the  blog,  micro-blog or images.  This is the real subscribing which will have an evidence that you really subsribed on the co- members works.

What's the evidence ?   the blogs,  micro- blogs and comment would appear on the subscribers page. 

Buzzing,  commenting and also sharing with other social media sites like facebook, google , twitter as well others like pinterest is a way to fullfill the subscription. It means you really like the blog, micro-blog and images , excitingly  you are sharing it with other sites.




Sharing with other social media sites exposes or promotes the works of bitlanders members and produces  referrals . The more exposures of  bitlanders works , the more appealing to advertisers , the more earnngs for the site and members..

Not buzzing , commenting and or sharing would not be having good buzz scores and earnings  eventually also  low revenues for the members as well as no advertisers low revenue for the site.

I hope this articles help others especially  new members , three important  actions that cannot be separated , BUZZ,  COMMENT  AND SHARE blogs, micro- blogs and  images.  


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