What should be observed to sleep better?

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Good sleeping causes we feel healthier and also happy. If we do not sleep well at night we will feel tired the next day and we cannot do our daily work properly.

Every one must sleep about 8 hours at night to be proper healthy but if we sleep less than it I mean about 4 or 5 hours also we will not have health problems.

Healthy and suitable sleep can fresh us and makes us more power full and strength to do our routine works.

In this topic I want to tell you about how we can sleep better I mean what points we should observe to have a fine and comfort sleeping

1)      Just sleep when you feel sleepy.

2)      Sleep as much as you need for freshness and healthy feeling for the next day not more.

3)      The temperature of your room is so important; the most ideal temperature for sleeping is 16_18 degree Celsius. High level of temperature causes sleep disorders. Keep your room temperature balanced and nearby cool.

4)      Make better your sleep environment. Buy a suitable mattress. The mattress shouldn’t be so hard or so soft. And choose a fine pillow.

5)      Wake up in a certain time; do not disregard the tiredness. Sleep when you feel tired and sleepy. And be exposed to sun lights adequately.

6)      Avoid using of sleeping tablets. Using of these tablets should be prescribed by physician.

7)      Have body practice during the day but not just before sleeping, the best time for practice is evening. Tiredness cause of practicing help you sleep well.

8)      Avoid drinking beverages. Involved caffeine 4_6 hours before sleep. Caffeine is the sleep stimulators.

9)      Warm milk, pea nut’s butter, cheese, yoghurt, ice-cream, banana, apple and food involved amino acids are sleeping.

10)   Avoid using of heavy foods, acidotic, sweet and biter 4_6 hour before sleeping.

11)   Stop thinking about your daily works. If you do it, it shouldn’t take more half an hour of sleep time. Do not replace thinking instead of night sleeping.


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