What subject do you like the most when learning at school?

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Hi there, my friends on Bitlanders.

How are you today? Do you feel great the same just like me?

For me, the subject which make me like the most when learning at school is English. You know why? Because that is my major. Currently, I learn some special courses at university to get the degree for teaching English for high school students. I really love to learn everything in English. I often go to the library at school to read as many as books as possible. English is a wonderful language for sure. I really love to have a conversation with my friends in English. The other thing is that I love to share my experience for my friends or my students. I think that is great. That is my idea for this question.

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I am an English teacher. I am working at a primary school in the city center. I hope I can make a lot of new friends here on Bitlanders.

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