What to Blog about (If You're Not a Natural Blogger)

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What's up ladies and gentlemen?


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Honestly, I really don't know what to blog about today because I'm not a natural blogger, just someone who is capable of blogging. Not all of us are natural bloggers, meaning we can't immediately think of a topic to write after another. If only we're just like Ate @Jean-Beltran wherein she can think right away of what to write next, then it will be a comfortable life! If you are are struggling in blogging in terms of idea, skills, and creativity, then I tap you on the shoulders. I feel you bro/sis.

Especially to those who are new to bitLanders/blogging, this is for you. I highly recommend you to read this.

The title is a clickbait (Hehe). The real title is actually 'What to Blog about and How to Blog (If You're Not a Natural Blogger'. I just put 'What to Blog about...' only because it sounds intriguing. Hehehe.

So back to my main concern. This blog will teach you how you can write as a beginner and which topics you might consider blogging about. 

Here are the tips on what to blog about and how to do it:

TIP #1: You must have the passion for writing.


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If it's not passion, then you must have that writing capability inside of you. You should have the soul which is hungry for writing even before you could start doing it. In this situation, you will know what topics you can blog about and it will help to maintain your blogging career. You might stop and get tired for a while but since you have that soul, you would always have that driving force to keep you going. If you don't have the passion or soul, then it will be hard for you to keep going. Also, having the passion or soul will make you enjoy blogging.

To add, it will avoid you from watching video tutorials and reading tips on how to start blogging because you'll automatically know what format you'll use in your blog, so it's going to be less time-consuming. However, reading this blog is an exemption. Just continue reading. :D

TIP #2: Blog about the things you are comfortable/enjoy talking about.


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If you like sports, then go and blog about it. Do you like basketball? Volleyball? Bowling? Soccer? And many other sports? Go and blog about them! If you like music, blog about your favorite singers and dancers. If you like K Pop, A Pop, J Pop, C Pop, P Pop, and the other types of Pop Music, then go and blog about them. No one will tell you off you from doing it. It will also be easier to explore your topics because you know a lot about them.


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It won't also feel like you're 'working' because you're just expressing how you feel.

TIP #3: Make blogging as a diary.


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I do not mean that you have to write a daily diary. What I mean is that you can talk about what happened to you on a specific day. For example, you happened to ride a bus when you were travelling in a city and you saw this couple fighting each other. The man slapped the woman. Did you intervene in that situation? Why or why not? From that point on, you can blog about women's rights or the thing that people could have done with that situation. If you intervened, what made you decide to? If you didn't, what could you have done?


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You can also express how you feel on a certain day. Are you sad? Happy? Depressed? Disappointed? Did you fail on something? Just things like that.

TIP #4: Write about your job.


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Describe what your job is. What are its advantages and disadvantages? How can someone obtain your job? This is your perfect opportunity to share what you know about your work and to encourage someone to go and try what you do. If there are misconceptions about the job, this is also the perfect time to clarify which information is true and which is not.

TIP #5: Write about the movies you love/watched.


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This is still somehow related to TIP #2 but this emphasizes more on you being a movie critic. Although professional movie critics exist, you still have your opinion on a certain movie. What was the last movie you watched? How should it have been improved? What about the special effects used in the movie? Did you like them? Did you like the movie or did you not? What can you say about the actors and actresses? Do you think they delivered their roles well? How about the setting of the movie? Do you think it was too dark on TV? Or was it very bright? Did you like the colors used in the setting? You just need to notice everything as much as you can so that you can write something.

TIP #6: Write about the things you have researched.


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If you've done school research paper, you can transfer it here so that you could still earn from it. The good thing about it is that it's less time consuming because you just need to copy and paste here what you've researched so there would be less effort to analyze on what to write. Plus, since a research is something that can help humanity, the editorial team will most likely give you 4 to 5 stars because it's a high-quality blog.

TIP #7: It's okay to rest.


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When you can't think anymore of what to write because you've been writing new topics successively, relax for a moment. Sit for a while and think of what you're going to write about next in the mean time. Then when you're ready, it's time to go again and blog about a new topic.

Watch these videos to learn the other tips on starting a blog:

Video Source: Justin Bryant (youtube.com)

Video Source: What Olivia Did (youtube.com)

These are the tips on what you can blog about and how you can blog. There are still many ways on how you can do them but these are just some of the things that I was able to do based on my own experience. If you're able to think of another way on how to blog or another topic that can be blogged about, feel free to write it in the comments section below so that we can help our newbies and other fellow bitsers. This is all for now and have a great day!

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