What to do in bad weather: a cozy cafe on the seashore in Klaipeda, Lithiania

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What to do in Klaipeda, Lithuania: a cozy cafe on the seashore

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 And here we have it - autumn - a new season, the end of something and the beginning of something. Usually, it is not the best time of the year in our part of the world as it brings much darkness, much cold, and rainy days. People walk depressed, without smiles, and early close themselves behind the doors of homes. For not falling into depression, specialists recommend experiencing something new. My new experience will be long walks on the sea pier (although I always loved it) watching in the rampaging sea and then getting some warmth in a cozy cafe on seashore next to the pier. It's a cozy place, and its name COME COME invites me to visit this cafe each time I go for a walk to the sea. 

I recommend it for the whole family and for any company! The staff is wonderful, the atmosphere cozy, the food is very delicious. It has become our summer spot for many evenings, so I got an idea to write a review of the cafe COME COME

It's a cozy place for everyone: for the family to warm up, to calm down after daily work, contemplate the thoughts, enjoy the sea view, prepare your thoughts on tomorrow deals.  Of course, enjoy the delicious coffee, tea, hot non-alcoholic wine, and delicious snacks. And most importantly, thanks to the pleasant staff, we always want to come back, which is the most important. It is the pleasant and relaxing rest.

At cafe COME COME - Video by Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

 Enjoy The Walks On the Seashore

Yellow autumn lets us rest from the heat of summer, from the excess of entertainment, and days that seem to never end. At the same time, it prepares us for winter weather and dark afternoons. Yes, to jump straight from summer to winter would be a horrible catastrophe. But we have autumn to prepare ourselves for the dark time of the year. And not only darkness comes but also cold, wind, and snow. 

On the other hand, autumn is tedious only to those who do not have their own autumn routine, which helps to ease the change from the intensity to somnolence. Undoubtedly one of the best things in the autumn is a long walk. And it will be a time that you will not forget for a long time.


Sculpture on the pier near the cafe COME COME  - Photo credit: Amber255

I love autumns, and I even love long walks along the seashore when the harsh wind tousles the hair and pushes the foaming waves to the shore.

There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.― Ranulph Fiennes

Credit: goodreads.com

This somewhat banal expression sounds perfect for my native Klaipeda. If there is a storm in Klaipeda (it happens very often), there is no need to sit at home or to spend time in the biggest shopping-entertaining center Acropolis.

The Klaipeda people are well aware that the storm is the ideal time to go to the seaside. I even think that we can meet more true citizens of Klaipeda on a pier through a storm, rather than on a beautiful summer day on the beach.

Do not be surprised if any of Klaipeda citizen tells you that he does not fall in love with the sea in the summer. After all, the sea is here for them for 365 days. When you know that you can reach the sea at any time, what's a purpose for rushing there as soon as the sun comes out of the clouds? This is how many Klaipeda inhabitants think. But people from other parts of Lithuania always rush to the sea like it's something special. 


Surfers often come to the cafe COME COME to get some warmth 

Photo by Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

But t storm for us is something special. It is like a magnet that attracts the citizens to the sea. 
Yes, it's harsh. Yes, it's not particularly pleasant when the wind just pushes you down. But this giant waves' image is so majestic! The sea never looks as impressive and vibrant as during a storm. 

It's no wonder that crowds of people with cameras and smartphones walk on the pier looking at the rushing giant waves and guessing which of them will spectacularly hit the stones.

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The Cozy Cafe COME COME

After one such storm last year, my friend showed a little but very cozy cafe on the seashore in Klaipeda which we then visited to get some warmth. And if in the past, there was nothing else to do after we admired the storm, just to turn around towards home or some supermarket, now there is a place next to the northern pier to get some warmth. You can come here and enjoy the waves through the window while sipping hot coffee or tea, or even cocoa or any other drink of your choice, and, of course, a  delicious dessert.


Cafe COME COME - Photo credit: Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

Finally, a normal cafe was established on the seafront of Klaipeda - it's a cozy glass house in Melnrage. "Come Come" has somewhere to improve, but it's still much better than nothing.

It is located in Melnarage district that is very close to our sea. Melnrage has a few nice beaches always full of people. After the first our visit, we enjoyed this cozy cafe each time when we came for a walk to the beach.  At first, we go to admire the stormy sea, and then we decide to get a cup of coffee in this cafe.

I was met again by the smiling cafe owner Guoda, who herself worked in the bar. Guoda was enjoying that the cafe was quite successful in the summer and hoped that it would be possible to realize the dream to work here not only during the warm season. But with the coming autumn, the number of customers dropped down a bit. 

I once was selling the coffee from a special machine to the pier. My boyfriend joined me later because I needed his help. When buying coffee, people were asking what else can they buy? Then I also thought that it would be nice to open the cafe at this place. However, soon our place was occupied by others. It was an inspiration, calling for searching for a different outcome. It is not said in vain that when a door is closed, a window opens, - said Guoda to us.


Evening in the cafe COME COME - Photo credit: Amber255 via Botlanders.com

It was not easy to create a cafe in Klaipeda near the beach. They had to overcome various bureaucratic obstacles because a trading zone was not provided there. Therefore, they themselves initiated the desire to start work here. At their request, the municipality held a competition, and they needed to wait a year until they got a license. 

It is a metal structure with large sea-oriented windows and an outdoor terrace. Originally, they wanted to build a cafe from the sea containers. But calculating how much they would cost the cutting and rebuilding the proper premises for the cafe, it turned out that the investment would be too high. Therefore, the simpler option was chosen to build a cafe out of metal sheets.

We used to order coffee and cakes, to sit in the soft armchair, and, watch at the crazy sea through the huge window while enjoying the warmth and coziness.


Cafe COME COME - Photo by Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

The Interior Of The Cafe 

The cozy atmosphere is what gives us a pleasant, and safe surrounding. The best coziness can be understood by the contrasts. Say, there is bad weather behind the window, but the amazing atmosphere inside. Just because of this contrast, the coziness mood is ideally suited for Klaipeda. When I was drinking coffee in the cafe COME COME during the storm, I felt very well that cozy spirit. A storm with the strong rain raged behind the window, the people covered in jackets walked on the pier, and it was warm, nice, and good inside of the cafe


Cafe COME COME - Photo credit: Amber255 via Bitlanders.com 

All this great mood was even more enchanted by the whole atmosphere of the cafe: not too bright lighting, fun interior details, unbelievable elements of the decor.  For example, cinnamon for the coffee was given to us in a light bulb! Not in the real light bulb, of course, but the form of spice bowl was made as a light bulb, which,  owner Guoda said, she found to buy in Finland. 

Another interesting detail is the world map on the wall made of metal constructions. Guoda laughed by pointing with a finger to the point that we probably would not have noticed - New Zealand was painted to the metal map with a black marker in the same style. It turns out that a citizen of this country has visited the cafe and, having not found his country, has decided to correct this mistake by painting it.

There were more cozy parts in the cafe, but I will not name them all - come and check them yourself. Do not wait for the summer and take it there right now, ideally if you visit it in a storm time. Because then you will best understand what is coziness. 

I especially enjoy the spacious cafe windows overlooking wonderful beach views. The fact that you can watch the sea through the windows without feeling the wind is the biggest advantage of this cafe in Klaipeda. The main thing here is not exclusive food, but emotions.


Interior of the cafe "Come Come" - Photo credit: Amber255 via Bitlanders.com 

The Menu Of The Cafe COME COME

Of course, the menu here is limited, as it is restricted by the requirements of the Food and Veterinary Service, so there is no gourmet meal. But delicious snacks, drinks are guaranteed. Prices are also no higher than in the bars of the major supermarkets. For example, a cup of black coffee costs 1.50 Euro.

In the cafe COME COME you can enjoy a variety of great cheeses, drink a glass of wine, eat a hot sandwich, or perhaps a dish of noodles, not sophisticated steak, ice cream or just enjoy a cup of coffee with a cake while watching the shores with the sea waves.

The visitors usually are citizens of Klaipeda to whom the pier has long been a favorite place for walks. Surfing, power kiting fans are also their regular customers. The stylized map of the world is hung on the wall of the cafe by the professional blacksmith. The idea is that everyone is welcome. So let's say "Come Come" and find yourself at home.


Cafe COME COME menu - Photo by Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

Music Evenings At Cafe COME COME

At weekends, you can not only enjoy a piece of cake and coffee looking at the sunset through the window or sitting on the terrace but also listen to live music. The cafe is inviting various music performers for weekend evenings, and those music evenings are really great.

There gather too many people to those evenings, so come earlier if you want to find a free table. Good thing, the staff girls will kindly offer you a plaid. Lie down on the sand, and you will still be able to enjoy music, see murmur, and sunshine. Sometimes, there are even dances (look at my video) as the young people are very active. Of course, it much depends on the kind of music that sounds in a particular evening.

A glass of wine, awesome music, and a wonderful view of the sea with the red sky painted by sunset. This cafe has really enlivened this place, making it an attraction center for people who spend evenings at the beach.

The music evening in cafe "Come Come" - Photo credit: Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

On The Final Note

The sea, coffee, sun, and you!

 Finally, we have a cozy cafe on the beach! It will be part of the sun, winds, storms, and our life. Here, I will always wait for the ships coming to my native city. I will see the changing sea. I will go from one season to another. I will celebrate life with my family and friends in the sunsets' twilight. I will quietly listen to sounds of the Jazz, Funky, and Rock & Roll. Even in the storm or the rain, I will be here and will inspire myself for the tomorrow's challenges. 


Sunset seen from the cafe COME COME - Photo credit: Amber255 via Bitlanders.com

At the end of our conversation with cafe owners, I asked how the name of the cafe was born: COME COME. 

This was the first thought when we thought of the name. After that, we tried to come up with other names, but all the time we're coming back to COME COME. Of course, maybe someone finds it strange, but I think that if this name came from within, then it must be without any arguments. - Guoda said to us.

Do not let the dark autumn into your heart. If you ever come to my town Klaipeda, Lithuania, take a walk to the sea near the pier and visit the cozy cafe COME COME on the seashore.

Welcome to Klaipeda, Lithuania!


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