What to do While in Sagbayan Peak?

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Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

Previously, I had posted two blogs regarding my recent tour within the Philippines, my beloved country specially within my home province, Bohol. Which is why, whenever I pay visit at home, I'd make sure to check out a new place or revisit old places to rekindle memories and also check what has changed and such things.

I was a bit hesitant of driving hours away from home because my grandfather was just buried that same day when we decided to go to Danao's Sea of Clouds. But we pushed it through anyways. I believe that watching the clouds will give me an opportunity to bid a final goodbye to him whom I didn't get to see before he passed away.

Setting my feelings aside, we did go and was a bit disappointed that we were late but then, that's another reason to come back! In the future, we are planning to come back so we could have a great view of the clouds and so we can as well take time lapse and such while there, for sure we'll bring our tripod with us and also we'll come with our parents.

Check my blog entry about it:

Bohol's Very Own Sea of Clouds

In the last blog as well, I have mentioned that we also went to Sagbayan Peak! This is rekindling and checking if there have been any changes to the attraction. Check out the half day tour blog entry I have posted here:

Bohol Half Day Quick Tour

As I had mentioned in the half day quick tour blog entry, I have been to Sagbayan Peak before, around almost a decade ago and it was nice to get be back!


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com


Sagbayan Peak is a huge attraction. It has a huge land area which means, one has to do a lot of walking! It is a bit tiring to do that when noon time when the sun is up so it is better to go there in the morning when the sun's not that deadly.

Here goes the list of things to do while in Sagbayan Peak. Of course taking photos is already given so I am going to share the specific things to find and what to do there.

• Say "Hello" To Mr. T-Rex •

Just right after entering, you'll spot Mr. T-rex, he's huge and has a big bright grin that would compel you to take a photo with him. The dinosaur is 19 feet in length and 10 feet tall which is why you'll need to take a wide photo so you can capture its entire body plus the words Sagbayan Peak from the back of this friendly dino!


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

The structure has been there too before when I first visited Sagbayan Peak so I am quite familiar with him. He still has the same grin as before and I believe they had really constructed it in a good way because it has last that long.

• Make Friends with the Cartoon Character Statues

Note: There are lots of cartoon character statues at Sagbayan Peak. This list enumerates them in random orders: Duffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Lola, Marilyn Monroe, Donald Duck, Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs, Lion King, Tiger and other dinosaurs.

If you have kids with you, they'll definitely don't want to go because they'll enjoy watching them around.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

Gecell, my sister in law even had made a fun shoot with Mr. Lion King.

• Help Yourself with a Feast at Café Baudillo •

At the distant area, you'll find a butterfly dome and adjacent to it is the Café Baudillois.

It is set just right facing the Chocolate Hills. It has sliding glass doors whic. The café is air-conditioned.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

Good thing about this is that you can have a view of the butterfly dome adjacent to it and watch as the butterflies fly at its roof while you can also get a glimpse of the viewing deck in the distance.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

We didn't dine when we went there, there were no people around as well and the cafe was bare. However, the staff had allowed us to take photos at the end of the terrace. It was a good spot for a photo op too!

• Zoom in Those Tiny Cebu Buildings and Chocolate Hills •

An interesting find at Sagbayan Peak is their high-powered telescope. This placed at the pavilion’s deck facing the viewing deck so one can see Cebu City from a far in a clear day.

Video credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

Before, it requires coins to operate it but when we were there I was able to use it for free. However, because it is a bit old, it has a blurry view. I was as well trying to place my camera lens into it but I couldn't get a view of the image from its lens so I gave up instead.

I hope they could fix it. No one dared trying it though except for me.

• Watch Butterflies Fly Here and There •

The butterfly dome was the only thing that was new for me. I can't remember if this was already available when I first visited the place or if I had just missed it.

Video credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

But this is definitely something to check out when at the area. This dome homes different kinds of species of butterflies and it also has flowers inside. It has been attended by a staff who'd monitor the guests coming in to ensure they won't catch the poor fellas but instead would just let them perch into the hands.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

I had tried hard to put my hand in a spot where there are lots of butterflies but they won't perch into my hands. My cousin however found some which perched in her hands and I got a chance to take a photo of it.

• Be a Kid Again •

I can definitely say that Sagbayan Peak is a place for kids. From the cartoon characters then they also cater a playground for the kids as well as the kids at heart.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

On our way out of the location, we took some time at the playground, my cousin played with her friend in a see-saw and some climbing structures which I don't know the name.


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

Aside from the playground, they also have their own grounds with more dinosaurs and cartoon characters too! So parents, don't worry about your kids, they'll love Sagbayan Peak!

• Observe the Chocolate Hills •


Image credits: Jean Beltran-Figues via bitLanders.com

It is evident that the main attraction in Bohol is the Chocolate Hills. But to see them don't mean that you have to go to only one spot which is Carmen. Chocolate Hills are distributed all around the central part of the island, it is scattered in a way that when we were on our way to Sagbayan, we were able to pass by some of them at the road side!

There wer even certain times when I would like to stop over and take a photo with the hill at my back!

So Sagbayan Peak also has its own view of the Chocolate Hills. The viewing deck gives a 360 degree view of them.

Blog entry written and published by Jean Beltran-Figues, A Pinas traveler and photography hobbyist, find more travel blogs in my blog section, click here.

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