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The humans always were trying to discover a tool that help them in their accountings and avoids their waste of time. In the real world, the people’s mind is a complicated computer that the nowadays developed industry is not able to a percent of its duties. The people’s mind records a huge amount of information and lead the people into brightness.

All the discoveries and inventions are the results of human’s mind. The great god gave to people an efficient power by name of intellect that people remove the barriers in their real life and control the nature. It will lead them into development.

The intellect is related to the five senses of people and the around nature. People use them to solve their daily life barriers.  Nowadays the students are thinking about their development and its ways toward, so they get courses to be qualified. They attend in different courses according to their interest, for example: internet course ( including social and digital media), scenario writing and so more.


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Enayatullah Mayar is born in 1992/8/12,He is graduated from Sultan Ghiyasudden Ghuri High school , and right now He Student of Engineering "Civil Department" faculty. also he is Social media officer and pashto language translator in "ACSC" herat branch.

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