What type of mobile phone do you use ?

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Times have changed. From the time when phones were used to make and receive calls to the time they were used for listening to the radio or other mp3 to the time time they were used for taking picture and recording videos,mobile phones have come a long way.

A typical mobile phone nowadays is not only capable of playing music/tuning the radio,taking pictures/recording videos but also edit them in any way convinient to the user. They also sport various types of measurement sensors like gyrometer,light sensor, heat sensor and so on.

With this plethora of features present in a mobile phone, its user base has gotten divided in different types of groups. With each group concentrating towards asome spefic features which they use more .

Some are the snappers,who have the habit of taking a picture every now and then. They find beauty lurking in every corner of nature.

Some are the music enthusiasts. You can always find a headphone round their neck.

Some are the typical chating public. With a closer view into their moblie you can find all types of social networking apps and other chating apps installed on the phone.

Some are the hardcore gamers who have almost all types of games installed on their phones.

While for some their phone is an educational device. With wikipedia and google in their homescreen bookmarks and all types of pdfs in their sd card they are always good to go.

With all these public and their various demands, the type of phones also have changed. Every phone is based on some specific set of features.

So what type of mobile phone do you use ?

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