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This question asked us a lot in young age was our answers : a doctor, a businessman , engineer, pilot, artist , but these professions that we identify in young age do not reflect interests and desires , but it was just a tradition similar to adults , but now if I was asked about the job of your dreams , what would be your answer ?

In fact, the function of dreams for anyone characterized by a number of features:

- These make you enjoying the job , they identical to Meulk and feel the happiness of their performance because you love this job .

- Check well - income materially income of necessary material is not enough to love working job , but you should check out this function well physically income .

- Make you satisfied with yourself is the function of good social standing .

- Can develop yourself through this function Valtrgih in managerial positions are available in this job as well as increases the material available , this function will help you to achieve your future self .

- The organization that will work within this job a great deal of commitment with its employees and has a capacity of good financial commitment with the staff to work with it , the work within this institution will not make you worry work or lack of commitment to you, this job make you planning to work in all your life .

- This function is not tiring and lead tasks required of you comfortably , in addition to this function is not a health risk health of their performance .

- A good working environment and atmosphere great job , a job that will contain a wonderful coworkers and have the team spirit to understand as a family.

- Pensions and Social Security are available in this function.

How can you find a dream job ?

Here are some tips that will help you find your dream job :

- Select the functional area that matches Meulk and competences, says creator Steve Jobs " Work What you love to do , " you will not innovate will not only succeed in the work that you love .

- Search for a business that fit Meulk and competences not looking for any work just want to get a job , Vandmamk to function not like not fit Meulk and competences inevitably fail them , even if they were late in getting the job that suits Meulk and competences Do not worry , you will succeed where continues in this function , this is better than you get a job quickly, but not fit Meulk and competences for you leave after a short period of time.

- Search an extensive search for a job that suit your ambitions and Meulk , can be used to search for online job search for jobs using the Internet offers you a wide range of jobs, do not restrict yourself to employment within the country , it may be your dream job is not available in your country .

- Before applying for any job I read about this job done well to discover the tasks to be performed in this position for career and also recognize the institution that will work out whether will provide you income that aspire to and compensation adequate physical , as well as good working conditions and good management of this company , you could be developed yourself through this company.

- Does not apply to a job do not have enough efficiency to work in. Even if you aspire to work in this job or this organization, but you have to apply to a job aspires to work in and be proportionate competences.

- Do not rely on others to find a job that suits you , but look yourself for a job that suits you Aladry job that fit competences and Meulk .


Written by: Mohammed Hussein

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