What would happen if the oxygen disappeared from the planet for 5 seconds

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1. Each person touches his skin sunlight will develop serious burns, and because the oxygen molecules that protects us from ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun.
2. sky morning will be dark Kallil completely, because the lack of oxygen and the presence of a few molecules in a layer Alotamossador will reduce the absorption of longitudinal waves and reversed in another way, or more clearly, lack of Alooxzhinsov reduces susceptibility particles in the atmosphere scattering blue light (oxygen constitutes 21 % of the gases in the atmosphere).
3. Each cutting iron untreated will coalesce with each other immediately, because what prevents the iron from the gluing is actually a layer of oxide.
4. crustal collapse, and because the oxygen constitutes 45% of them.
5. All ears creatures will explode, as I mentioned earlier oxygen constitutes 21% of the atmospheric air gases Fbanaadamh will lose 21% of the pressure at the moment, the equivalent of an immediate transition to the highest peak in the Andes (height of about 2,000 meters).
6. Each is made of cement building will be turned into dust, Valoksgen material is important for the cohesion between the particles in the concrete materials (CO2) and other compounds without it they can not afford the weight.
7. oceans will evaporate and disperses in space, as is well-known water consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one part oxygen, hydrogen and oxygen disappearance will remain on the form of gas, and because it is light in weight will rise to the upper layers of the atmosphere and which would leak out of outer space.


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