What You Need To Know Before Watching Game of Thrones

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When you play the game of thrones you win, or you die. There is no middle ground.

-- Cersei Lannister

HBO’s Game of Thrones is one of the most awaited TV shows every year. This fantasy drama television series is viewed by millions of people around the globe – and this is exactly the reason why I was quite surprised that a new member of my team here in the office is not that familiar with Got.

Although he admitted that he do hear the show’s title from time to time, he disclosed that he does not have the slightest idea on what the television series is all about. This brings me to the purpose of this post. This post aims to be an exhaustive reference for each reader who is interested to watch the Game of Thrones television series. This blog will contain pertinent information that any would-be GoT-viewer will need to better understand the show. Lastly, please be advised that this post will be not discuss any characters, plots, or any other aspects that might ruin / spoil the enjoyment and excitement of the reader. I know many GoT fans will agree that it is more rewarding and comforting to discover on hour own the different characters involved (and their stories) as you watch the TV episodes.


GoT in TV and in Books

Before watching GoT, it is important to know that the television series is an adaptation of George R. R. Martin's novel “A Song of Ice and Fire – wherein the first title of the fantasy series novels is also called Game of Thrones. The creators of the show expertly developed the episodes to closely follow the storyline of the novel – however, avid followers of the books may cry foul on some of the notable differences.

Listed below are some of the noteworthy differences the GoT television shows have with the novel series:

• Order of narration
• Timeline of events
• Having scenes and characters on the TV series not found on the books (this includes some characters enjoying more screen time than their actual role on the novel)

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You don’t need to read the books to enjoy and understand the TV series

As mentioned above, the Game of Thrones television series is a close adaptation of the novels A Song of Fire and Ice (give and take some notable differences). However, some religious followers of the novel may argue that to totally understand the story and character developments, one must read the backstories only found in the books.

Luckily, the creators included a bonus feature on each Blu-ray release of each TV season. This bonus feature comes in the form of a short animated video whose running time varies between 5 to 10 minutes each. These animated videos are actually more like or comprised of still photos with a narration in the background whose voice over is done by an actor / actress of the show.

Anyway, the animated short videos are called Histories and Lore of Westeros (except for the first season where it is called Complete Guide to Westerns). These videos are quite important as it serve as some sort of crash course to different backstories – whether it be for a character, place, or setting. Additionally, when taken collectively, these short videos may sum up to one hour and can be considered as like watching an extra bonus episode.

The animated video below is the History and Lore of Westeros included on the Blu-Ray copy of the last season (Season 5). This one is actually quite notable as it details the account on how one of the major powerful families lost their grip to power.

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There will be Sex and Violence

Yes folks, you read that right – HBO gave it's approval for the show to have sex and violence. Before watching the show, it is important to be informed that the show has lots of it. If you are the type of person who finds incest, extreme violence, and other similar gory aspects to be offensive , then be prepared as you will see lots of it.

But the show's popularity is never about the nude scenes and bloodshed.

Nevertheless, it is also worth noting that the GoT TV series is not famous because of it nudity or bloodshed. Game of Thrones has an avid huge fanbase because of its medieval and fantasy elements that focused on the political maneuvering that led to the deaths of beloved characters. Hey, it's not everyday that heroes dies which is why fans are curious on what will happen next.


Powerful Portrayal of an Ensemble Cast

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Speaking of why the show is popular, the casting crew has done a great job of picking out actors and actresses that perfectly executed their role. On top of this, a couple of the chosen actors and actresses have already starred in a few movies. If you would have notice on the provided photo above, one or two main characters have appeared in famous films. Can you guess who appeared in popular films such as "A Knight's Tale, Batman Begins, Harry Potter, and John Wick?"

For readers who might want some proof, let's just say that 26 characters (many recurring each season) received 230 nominations since the GoT first aired last 2011.

As for the show itself, the Game of Thrones TV series has received 511 awards from different categories.


What is the show all about

Naturally, you will want to know what is the show's premise or synopsis of the Game of Thrones television series. This can be quite tricky given the length of the story and numerous characters involved (not to mention the various subplots and accessories of minor characters)

But basically, the show is set on a medieval and fantasy type of setting combined with political drama regarding warring houses (families) struggling for power (the iron throne).

Just like any power struggle, there would be families fighting for honor, duty, revenge, leadership, etc... Additionally, you'll have interesting characters. These includes despicable persons but actually good natured in the inside. Some are victims their entire life but will become unlikely heroes due to a certain circumstances.

Anyway, let's just say that when you watch the first two or three episodes, you'll already probably know if you'll get hooked to it.

Season 6 and Novel 5

Finally, we reached the last portion of our post. If you are wondering what is the current season being aired on HBO, please do note that the TV series is already on its sixth season.

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As of posting time, HBO has just aired Episode 2 of Season 6. Episode 1 of the current season was aired last April 24 and the last episode (episode 10) is scheduled to be shown on June 26.

It would also be interesting to note that each season contains 10 episodes (this means that you have to watch 50 episodes if you are planning on having a GoT marathon). The very first episode of premiered last April 17, 2011.

As for the novel, the first one was published in 1996. George R. R. Martin planned 7 novels for the series and the last two still in forthcoming status – this brings the list of currently published novels to five (A Dance with Dragons).

(Image Source: Wikipedia.com -- photo of the last published book in the novel series)


That's just about it. Game of Thrones TV series has reached critical acclaim and garnered millions of viewers (IMDB actually ranked it number one in the most popular TV series category – plus, one of the questions in the Survey Chat is about GoT).

If you are looking for a great show and you have plenty of free time, then GoT you may consider picking up the remote and tune in to Game of Thrones. If you are still unsure of doing so, the Season 1 trailer provided below may help you to finally decide:

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