What you need to understand about blogging

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If i leave my most concise and expensive textbooks and rush to access information on the internet, my reasons could be that:

■ I am possibly looking for the most recent information about a particular topic and/or

■I am looking for plain, summarized and accurate points about that particular topic.

Many visitors "people like me" will not stay in a site for long if the contents on the site is not different from the stories in printed text.
You as a blogger, you don't need to lump articles together or embed your points in the body of the whole article.
I made that mistake when i started newly, but now it's over.

If you could break your articles into points in each paragraph then, you are going to encourage more readers to stay longer in your site and possibly turn them to regular visitors.

Internet is entirely different from our real physical world where priority is given to grammar and lengthy talk.

Write your article with plain language and avoid much grammar. Your visitors are not actually looking to copy your work, but they want to understand and deduce values from it. It will be a total discouragement if your readers need a dictionary for them to grab your points.
Try to always have your readers in mind whenever you write your blog contents

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