What's Fun To Do at Yello Cube Cebu?

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There's a new place to chill and dine in the heart of Cebu City. It's very similar to Sugbo Mercado, a weekend food hub in the center of the city. But unlike Sugbo Mercado, this food hub is actually open all week long!

Out of the blue, James asked me if I would like to go, it was a surprise because most of the time, or shall I say 99% of the time, it is yours truly who'd look for a new place for us to go or would even drag him to dine at a certain spot.

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And because it was his suggestion, I had to go. It was Friday evening when we went there, just in time for their company's Halloween Event at their office. So right before having dinner, we were first thrilled with their Harry Potter-inspired Halloween event! It was awesome to see their office in such setup. Let me show you a sneak peek:

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Alright, enough for that. Let's now get to Yello Cube Cebu and find what's fun to do there most especially when you are with your friends and loved ones.

1. Have an Affordable Date

With a city saturated with so many high and middle ranged restaurants, it is quite a challenge to find a place where you can take your partner with you and spend only a few bucks for food. Of course for males, you don't want to be bringing your girlfriend and would tell her that the bill will be paid between the two of you. That's a major no-no most especially if you are the one who invited her.

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That's the first fun thing to do in Yello Cube Cebu, you can bring your partner, have a date and pay only a few bucks for some good food but affordable ones!

There are stalls to find delicious and mouthwatering viands, kinds of seafood and meat such as Buldak station which offers cheesy chicken, ribs and more. There's Catalianos for your pasta and pizza cravings. Newfound Burger of course for those burger lovers out there! Don't forget to order it with extra cheese because I heard it tastes so good!


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We won't also miss Seabu which has grilled cheese scallops but you can also select from their butter option! Not to forget that they also offer a boodle fight! That's some unique dating experience, perhaps great to those who are in a group date, what do you think?

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Above all, they got Kusina Guadalupe in the house too which offers Tuna Panga or the jaw part of huge Tuna fishes for an affordable price!

Bjornfire, on the other hand, is quite interesting because of their open kitchen style while Southern Grind Bistro offers ribs rice meals, sandwich and rolls, Mac and Cheese and Quesadillas!

2. Fill Up your Tummy With Delights

Perhaps you came around to Yello Cube Cebu because you are just curious about it like how I see most of the other guests inside, like the mother and daughter date at the table next to us which I really found cute.

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Don't worry as Yello Cube Cebu has sweet options too! There's Sol's Halo-halo and Desserts which is a Tisa original. Slurp the last few bits of goodness in style with your Sol's Halo-halo in a labeled cup!

Who would not want to have halo-halo? Perhaps those who are in a strict diet, zero sugar and no sweets at all but if you are not in a diet, then surely you can have a cup or two. Sol's Halo-halo is actually one of the best in Cebu City!

3. Di-hy-Drate

But maybe you are not coming to Yello Cube Cebu for a romantic night out but instead with friends and colleagues! Don't worry, there are also drinks available here to be shared with the gang!

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Di-hy-Drate has a unique name and reading its name made my throat dry, like literally. This portion got all the common liquor drinks available. But aside from that, they got some sweet soda and colas, and water too!

So while its name states being dehydrated, you won't go dehydrated at all because they got you covered with your liquid needs!

4. It's Fun to CLAYGO

After all the eating and drinking and just right before leaving, there's a strict policy inside Yello Cube Cebu which requires young, adults and even old folks to be mindful about their trash. The plates are disposable ones and their spoon and forks too which although I dislike, I had no choice so the best of things that I can do is to follow their "Clean As You Go" policy.

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All sections within Yello Cube Cebu has this sign displayed. There's one next to the tables, there are signs hang, some pasted on walls and even in the trash bag too! So there's no way one can miss it unless he or she can't read signs!

But I have to rant as well that although this was already visible in every area, there were still visitors who had missed to follow the policy. Hopefully, the future guests would be mindful enough about it and be responsible.

5. Play with Lights

Yello Cube Cebu has this unique container van concept. And surprisingly, they got Instagram-worthy corners too! One of which is their lighted entrance, the yellow cube!

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I believe its name was derived from that section of the food hub. Each customer would like to have their photos taken in that section because it gives this illuminated light effect to the skin!

Aside from that, there are also hanging lights which make the area in a festive mode! I would like to state as well that there's a second-floor dining place too which gives a wider view of the hub.

6. Chill and Listen to Acoustic songs

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What's more fun in Yello Cube Cebu is that the customers can surely enjoy their food while listening to this acoustic guy, strumming his guitar and singing wonderful songs. He played Rico Blanco's Balisong which is a favorite of mine and he sounded really nice. Listen to it in the video below:

Video credits: Jean Beltran via bitLanders

I had fun listening to more of his songs and he got a really nice voice! He played a lot of Original Filipino Songs that night. James and I had fun!

Note that Yello Cube Cebu is open from 5 PM to 2 AM, Mondays to Sundays. If you are interested in visiting, do be aware that this requires patience from waiting for your food order and remember the CLAYGO policy. If you want to become a merchant, below are their contact details:

Contact number: 0917 849 4927
Email address: sales@gothongsp.com
Social: Facebook Page 
Exact location: 2Wilson Place, Wilson Street, Lahug, Cebu City – near JY Square, across St. Therese Church (behind Shell Gas Station in Lahug).

Thanks a lot for reading! Enjoy this Querlo chat about dining:


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