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I don't want to say any thing:
Ever since of the creation of the world, man has learned to fight for his survival.He has fostered his abilities to acquire his objectivesand materialisehis wishes.Being the best of the creastions, he has know no limits or boundaries.
The man who used to travel bare-body and bare-footed, has now made the whole world a global village. This conquest has raised some serious issues and dire threats to the people over the global, and has also raised a possibility of mass destnction and apocalyoes.
As I mentioned, that man has not defined any boundary to achieve his mission, so he fears not from using his skills and weapons, no matter
whatever the result is. The lust for power has engaged the whole world in a state of war. The present situtation reflects the mind-set of the
every-growing and motive-oriented school of theoght. Just imagine yourself sitting in your home, with your family and enjoying a cup of tea, or say sitting with your friends in a park. And Suddenly what happens is enough to shock a spectator. A huge explosion takes place and what is left after the explosion is left after the explosion is only torn pieces of human bodies, destroyed hoomes, a total house and only organs and body parts of your loved ones, your family, your friends. your kids who have least imagination of what are atomic explosion can do. This is what people experience every moment in Palestine and Ghaza.
Twenty six days have passed to date; everyday is a calamity on Palestenians. And this is a fresh episode. Such atrocities have been carried out in the past by the jewish might and they have now come up with more letha intentions and more menacing mind set. 1676 people have been matryred to date, with 300 of them being children, those children who don't even know the meaning of war,those children who will embrace a grenade or a bomb thrown intovont of them,unaware of the consequence. Those childern who don't have the words of 'cruelity', 'hatred','animosity' and 'vengeance' in their dictionaries. Those childern who stand infront of the Israeli tanks with pebbles in their hands. This is what we call the extrmity of stone heartedness. Can you call such people human beings? Can you demarcate between them and animals. Even animals cann't bear thet someone relates such people to them.And belive
me, the number of people being slayhtered like cattle is increasing day by day and will contirwe to rise until a powerful voice or an iron hand rises want to know the major reason for this apocalypse?
THen listen " THEY ARE MUSLIMS" the "Terrorists".... the "threat to whole world",the "threat to international peace ". Sound interesting ? No....?? Then must sound disgusting. Yes.... ?? But this is a fact.
This is what the Muslim image is around the world.This is what Jewish media has succeeded in achieving after a painstaking effort.They have attacked each and every Muslim in the world with a so 'valid' reason.And not only Jews, the Americans, Indians and to be any sorry-many of the Muslim countries themselves.The Americans are spending open heatedly on this "war against terrorism" and recently, the American congress has paid 225 million dollars to defend Jewish nuclear weapons. The Indians have also raised slogans to force 'Hammas' to cease fire. on the other hand,the decided 72 har
cease-fire was torn into pieces-soon after it was declared on a baseless excuse that 2 of the Israeli soldiers have been killed. What about those who are killed ruthlessly, irrespective of their age and gender. What about the babies
buried alive in the earth and tagged exclusively. What about the Muslim women naked in front of their sons, fathers and husbands. What about the children left alone in the world to face the brutalities and atrocities of it?
Are they not have any feelings or they are not humans?

Or they don,t come under the code of conduct of the so called and highly biased 'International' law?
The silence of the united nation is the clear sign of what their intentions are regarding this situation. And shocking enough is the silence of the Muslim Ummah.I was watching an analysis by Jawaid Chaudhry. According to him, Israel is so densely surrounded by the Muslim countries and their is such a huge number of Muslims thereabout, that if every single person spits on the Israel Borden, their world be a flood mighty enough to rain Israel. And believe me, the 'efforts' which are doing, are of no vase. Printing your slogans on Facebook, placing the Palestinian flag on your cover photo, and 'liking' the devastating and horrible videos of calamities is what we have done so far. This will not even are a particles difference in the attitudes and circumstances. We need to step future. The silence-perhaps the criminal silence of the Islamic world is hard to digest. worldwide strikes and boycotts have started. The Indian Muslims have started the boycott of Jewish products. And this has ensured that they are not taking part in this war. why we-according to a surrey, we, the Pakistan army-is having the capabilities and
technology that can take the latest one being used in Palestine. Then what we are waiting for our own homes to victimized. Believe me, if this silence keeps on going, the tortured and molested women would be our wives, mothers and sisters. And the blood flowing like water would be of those people who were once the reason for us to live.
Therefore, don't wait for the end. It is time the Islamic world to rise up and crush the animals in man's consume. This is the time to join hands and decide our future and position of Muslims in the whole world in the coming time. Don't think that the bullets and bombs only would be confined within within the walls of Ghaza and Palestine. In every game, there is a next mission after every mission. Who knows the field for the next mission. As Martin Lunter King said
" Injustice anywhere in the world, is a threat to justice everywhere in the world".






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I am student of Electronics Engineering in International Islamic University Islamabad.

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