What's Up with Upshaw? Buzz You? Subscribe to you? Why should I?

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All right, I am mad.  I am mad at what BitLanders (formerly Film Annex) has become.  It is supposed to be "Social Media That Pays".  So where is the "social" part?

Right now I have way over 1000 subscribers to my channel and over 300 Buzzes on my latest postings.  Normally, this would make me overjoyed but experience has taught me that big numbers mean nothing without quality reasons backing them.  Under my posts with the 300+ Buzzes, there are messages saying, "BUZZ ME!" and "SUBSCRIBE TO ME!", as if I owe it to them just because they did it for me.

OK, WHY DID YOU BUZZ ME?  WHY DID YOU SUBSCRIBE TO ME?  Is it because you like my cartoons?  Is it because you like my short films with my relatives?  Is it because you find my blogposts insightful and witty?  OR DO YOU JUST WANT A BIGGER BUZZ SCORE??

I can understand wanting a bigger Buzz Score--you make more money.  But if making more money is the only reason you're seeking Buzzes and subscribers, THEN YOU ARE DEFEATING THE DAMNED PURPOSE!!   Social media is for sharing--sharing yourself, your work, your world--with others who want to share themselves.  The money is secondary.

Yes, I joined Film Annex wanting to make money with my cartoons, but the cartoons came first!  I wanted to make my audience laugh with my work--that's why I became a cartoonist.  I blogged because I wanted to share my feelings and my cartooning processes with my fans.  That was Priority One.

So the message I have to my fellow BitLanders is:  Give me something to buzz and subscribe about.  If I like your stuff, I will; if not, then there are plenty of other BitLanders.  Share first, then you'll get quality Buzzes and subscribers.  And BitLanders, if you are serious about suspending "spammy" subscribers, do it!  Teach these kids a lesson!

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