What's Up with Upshaw? Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit

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I had fun putting together a little personal pack of cartooning supplies from different stores (Walgreen's, Walmart, one art store) as my latest version of the Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit.  I got the name from the title of a British cartoon short I saw when I was :younger.  Here's the kit, all opened up:



The Kit consists of a case of 36 colored permanent markers, four art pens of various widths, an ebony pencil, a non-photo blue pencil, a small pencil sharpener, a small eraser and a white correction fluid pen.  Luckily the marker case has room for the rest of the things.



This is what I use for general cartooning, like comic strips and panels, and I also use it to cartoon for fun.  I really enjoy making little cartoon sketches just for me that don't have to do with work.  I gotta do more of that.  It makes me happy!

But for now, I'll just close up the Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit.  I'll save it for when I get a hold of some clean white paper!


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