What's Up with Upshaw? Episode 1

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So...what have I been up to, cartoon-wise?

I'm animating a Mother's Day special called "The Mother of All Days", where the mom characters of "Kawaii 5-2" get together the Saturday before.  I won't give away the plot, except to say that the caffeine will flow like water!

For almost two years, maybe some months more, I've been doing caricatures at Paul Henry's Art Gallery in Hammond, Indiana during their Acoustic Music Jam and Potluck on Thursday nights from 7PM to around 11PM.  Lots of good music from then and now, and the guests are surrounded by local art in this unique gallery that used to be a hardware store.  The people love getting caricatured as much as I love caricaturing them.  And I find it inspiring to be surrounded by other creatives (some of the musicians are also visual artists).

My friend Bertha said I can wait awhile to start illustrating her book "God Made the Cats" until she is able to make her first payment to me.  That's what I like--a client who wants to pay!

So until I get paid, I've got the animation to do.  Plus, I can get on YouTube and study "how to draw", "how to cartoon" and "how to animate in Anime Studio Pro" videos.  Be a lifelong learner!



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