What's Up with Upshaw? Episode 10i

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This week has been busy.  Last Tuesday I went to King Center in East Chicago to do caricatures for the Public Library's Summer Reading Program. Just like Clemente Center the week before, there were a lot of kids, so I did a lot of cartoon portraits.  I drew in black and white and didn't color them to keep the line moving.  Maybe I should do that from now on.  No, color is really cool.  Not that black and white isn't...

Last Thursday I did caricatures at the two EC Library branches, Pastrick and Main.  I went to Pastrick first.  There were a few kids I did, then Jo Ann White, the head of Youth Services, took me out to lunch at House of Pizza in Hammond.  We went to Main Library after that, and I did a few kids there.  I think there were only a few kids in the libraries because it was a beautiful day outside and that's where they were,  The kids (and a few adults) did enjoy their caricatures and that's what matters.

The only drawback from these library visits was that I didn't take any pictures of the kids with their pictures.  I have a camera in my phone and cellphones aren't allowed to be used in the library.  So why take chances?

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