What's Up with Upshaw? Episode 7

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Yesterday was one of the best days of my life.  OK, I'm exaggerating a little, but yesterday I started my tour of caricature jobs for the East Chicago Public Library's Summer Reading Program for children.  The first job was at the community center in Marktown, EC's historical district.

I arrived early, spending time in the center's reading room with a copy of Bishop T. D. Jakes' book Repositioning Yourself  when young Leonel came in.  He was my first subject, and he really liked his cartoon self.  He then told his friend Timothy, and he had a caricature done.  Two girls, Viviana and Evelyn, came in separately and I caricatured them.  Four kids, four caricatures.  Not what I expected, but fun.

Now, first and foremost, I cartoon, animate and caricature because it's fun, I'm good at it, I love doing it and people like my work.  Getting paid comes second but it comes, and I do enjoy getting paid well for what I do.  The EC Library is paying me well after all the caricature jobs are done, and they may have me doing something similar in  the middle of the fall.  For the same price, I hope!

I leave you now with a photo I took of Leonel and Viviana, holding up their caricatures I did of them.  Don't they look pleased?


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