What's Up with Upshaw? Episode 8

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Last Tuesday I did caricatures for the East Chicago Public Library's Summer Reading Program for kids at the Pennsylvania Avenue Neighborhood Center (aka Penn Center).  I did pictures of four boys and the librarian, and they loved them as usual.  There was one glitch, however:  My brown marker dried out, so I couldn't do any more color pictures of people of color, so I did a couple in black and white.  No worries.

Last Thursday I did my usual caricature gig at Paul Henry's Art Gallery in Hammond.  Then suddenly, a quick storm  blew out the electricity in the gallery.  So we held the Acoustic Jam and Potluck outside, as long as the sun was out.  I did my caricatures, the music and the food were great.  It was all good.  It's been storming quite a bit this week in Northwest Indiana, so much of Downtown Hammond was without power.  East Chicago may be next.

Last Sunday was a big day for the Upshaw family:  My nephew Paul Upshaw, Jr. (aka Paulie) has joined the United States Marine Corps, and we held a picnic at a part in Lansing, Illinois to celebrate.  Friends and relatives were all over the place to wish him well, and his Auntie Donna (that's me) did caricatures of him and others--and got compliments.  Not to take away from my nephew's achievement; as a former Army Reservist, I am proud of Paulie. 

Finally, my teacher friend Diana told me that she was ready to start on that book of poetry she had wanted to do.  She still wants me to illustrate the book, and I'm also going to look up self-publishing websites like Amazon.com  for her.  This will be good for Diana, who is still dealing with the losses of her husband and son.  I'm glad to be of help.

I leave you now with a picture of the boys and librarian at Penn Center with their caricatures.  They look happy.

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