What's Up with Upshaw? I'm Baaaack! the Sequel

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Well, I went to church today and spoke to Cassie.  She said she never got to get my information to the church elder but she will.  I trust her.  Things happen.

As for Pearlie's organization, I've sketched out a couple of ideas for their cartoon, so next I can make finished roughs and send them to her.  I also have to learn more about her organization.  I might like to join it!

And the library Halloween party isn't until the 31st, so no worries about that.

Things are going great for me--I just gotta keep telling myself.  I am grateful (really) for the jobs I have.  Of course I want to make more money (who doesn't?), but it's for need, not greed.  When I work really hard at the jobs I have, I will eventually earn all the money I deserve.

It's like that quote I once heard:  "The harder I work, the luckier I get."  Well, it's time to get "lucky"!



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