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It's been a week since the worst Monday of my life.  My Internet was down at home,  so I went to the Public Library to use their wi-fi.  For some reason, nobody there could connect me, so I left very agitated.  After all, the Internet is the source of my artistic livelihood.  I get my stories for "The 411" from there and I send them to my editor via email.  And since I'm perpetually broke, every bit of money I get counts.

I wanted so badly to get my computer fixed, so in my agitation I decided to go to the computer store I got my laptop from.  Sounds reasonable, eh?  But I was not feeling reasonable, so I darted out into the street to catch the bus before it left, even though the light was against me.  God must've smiled on me because I ended up only falling on my face almost getting run over.  It's a miracle I got away with only a slightly mangled laptop and more agitation.

Since then I've slowly but surely calmed down a lot, and I realize now how I make a big fat hairy deal out of my art.  Nothing like that is worth risking my life for, not even a monthly paycheck.  By the way, I finally found the problem with my laptop on my own--I forgot to hit the switch that allowed me to switch to wi-fi.  And I managed to get my "411" work in eventually.

Last week was the longest week of my life, where I had to teach myself to calm down and slow down.  When I've got my mind on the money and the money on my mind, nothing good ever happens.  But when I let go of the money thing, "money cometh to me"--slowly, but it "cometh."

So the best way for D.K. Upshaw to run her cartoon/media small business is to lead with my heart, even when I want to make money.  I must do the artwork I really love doing and find the audiences who enjoy it--and let them pay me for it.  That's taking care of business!






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