What's Up with Upshaw? It's about Faith

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Pearlie, the woman who wants me to do a cartoon for her women's organization, says she has faith in my doing a cartoon that "grabs" people.  The trouble is:  I have trouble believing her!

Now I love to cartoon.  And people love the cartoons I do.  But when someone says they have faith in me, I stop having faith in myself.  It is a feeling that I'm not up to the job, that I have to be "perfect" (whatever that means).  So I need a plan to get going and keep going.

I must remember the FUN!  That's the reason I'm a 'tooner.  Yes, it's hard work but it's hard work I enjoy.  And didn't I say that I'm up for the challenge, that I welcome the challenge?  That challenge will make me a better 'tooner just by going for it!

So I'm going to go over Pearlie's emails to understand what she wants.  Then I'm going to do some loose sketches just to, well, loosen up.  And I gotta relax--not try to force ideas.  And realize the one person putting pressure on me is...me.

I think it will help if I put on some '80s music.  And dance around.  Maybe watch some funny YouTube videos.  And some Ken Turner cartoons.  I need to laugh.

Already I'm feeling better.  Time to get to work.  And HAVE FUN!



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I call myself a 'tooner--one who cartoons. Animated shorts, single-panel gag cartoons and celebrity caricatures are my specialty!

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