What's Up with Upshaw? New on Kawaii 5-2

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I am just so full of ideas!  Ideas for cartoon characters, the worlds to put them in and the misadventures in which to involve them.  It's like if I don't write these ideas down, I lose them.  I don't.  And I do.

Of the ideas I do write down, I have new characters for my "Kawaii 5-2" cartoons.  The Shrimpkins will welcome five new members--or not.  You'll meet the grandpa of the "Gang of 3", Emilio; other businesspersons on "Shayna's Success Stories"; new people for "Fashville"; and more.

I'm glad you're enjoying "Kawaii 5-2", so I'll keep on doing it--and hopefully doing it better and better.  To close out, here's my sketches of my new "K52" characters.  You'll see them soon!


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