What's Up with Upshaw? The 'Tooner's Fear Factor

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First, the good news:  A film distributor in Marina del Rey wants to represent me and try to sell my cartoons to different media outlets.  I do have to pay them a fee (this IS business, after all) and there's no guarantee of big sales or any kind of sales, but I do keep the rights to my work and I have the final say on who can have it.  Sweet, huh?

Now, the bad news--I'M SCARED!!! I'm too scared to go forward with this deal even though it's my "big break" at last and I know I deserve it.  It's "safer" doing what I've been doing--posting my work online hoping it'll  be seen.  I am familiar with that.  I am comfortable with that.  The thought of letting someone else do the legwork gives me an acute case of the willies.

I guess I'm just a control freak.  I like doing everything myself because I can trust me to do it "right".  Letting someone else who's not a family member or whom I can see live and in town, even if that someone has the clout to help me make lots of money, well, that's hard to handle.  In fact, typing this right now I feel the fear.

That reminds me of a book title, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.  That is what I must do.  I am also reminded of a magazine article I read last century about embracing insecurity as the way to gaining security.  I know there are no guarantees in life, and I've gotten into trouble many times seeking "security", and I've lived most of my life with "no guarantees".

OK, let me look over the contract until I understand it.  Let me find a way to get the fee together.  My knees are knocking, my heart is leaping--LET'S DO THIS!



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