What's Up with Upshaw? When Will I Ever Learn?

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Well, the distribution deal is officially closed.  It would've cost me more, financially and emotionally, to do it " before it's too late"--rush decisions are the worst decisions.  And recalling the words of motivational speaker Eric Thomas, "What looks good ain't always good for you."  Now I feel better and can go on with my cartooning and my business.

The severe winter weather these past weeks has had an effect on my income and my decision making.  It's harder to go to school for subbing and to Paul Henry for caricaturing, so I want to make more money online at home.  That means "working my ever-lovin' tail off" at the things I already have (like Film Annex) to make them more profitable.

It also means keeping in mind that I love cartooning, and to keep that love going I have to keep the reins of my Ladytooner business in my own hands and stay in charge of my 'tooning.  Difficult but doable.  You can do this, D.K.  It's OK.  I keep telling myself...


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I call myself a 'tooner--one who cartoons. Animated shorts, single-panel gag cartoons and celebrity caricatures are my specialty!

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