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The time you want to go home to visit their parents the most?


Every time a parent calls asking: "When is the baby, huh?" I would say: "Next week, sir!"; "Wait a job because you sir"; "Few more days". But honestly, I'd say this sentence added: "When in trouble, I'll be back".

The difficulties encountered obstacles when we remember the most.


There are times when life facilitation, job goes well we will not remember the house where. If you do not have to go out with lovers, friends, it will also sit home reading books, watch movies, play on the computer. There is nothing more important than private space anyway.

But when faced difficult obstacles, things are not like that, sad heart, we found out that he was a home to return to, it's wonderful to know how!

Lovers quarrel with the evening, that midnight run home parents will definitely worried. So we had to wait a few days later on. Parents ask: "Why suddenly you about that?" I laughed and said: "Today I leave." Actually, we're in trouble grieve.

Friends were sold out, does not work like that, we call on the call asked: "Mom, I was not home to eat lunch?" I am glad the other line: "Okay, today I do not need to go to work?" At that time truly wanted his courage will say: "I work too tired then, I really want to go home 'commercial support', okay mom?"

Sorry, but we always come home with a mood of failure.

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